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The Compassion Team

The Compassion Team at Renewed Integrative Counseling is made up of a group of amazingly talented and compassionate individuals that serve at the practice as Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Registered State Interns, and Professional Life Coaches. Our Team Core Beliefs are grounded in prioritizing God, Family, and Self-Care before service to ensure that our professionals are at their best emotionally and spiritually within their personal lives so that they can provide the highest quality of care for their clients. Our team engages in continued professional development throughout the year to stay up to date on effective intervention strategies for improving the mental health of our clients.


Amanda Levy, LMHC

Co-Owner & Therapist

Amanda's passion for helping people is what brought her to this field with a main focus on helping individuals and couples restore and enrich their relationships. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings, including: community mental health, hospital, school-based counseling, and private practice. She treats mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as behavioral and social difficulties. She works with clients who are going through life transitions, struggling to manage life stressors, and those who are on the journey of self discovery. Her main therapeutic modality is CBT for targeting effective mental health wellness.

In marriage counseling, she incorporates research-based techniques from the Gottman Institute. She specializes in helping couples effectively manage conflict, increase respect, become better friends, increase affection and closeness, achieve greater understanding, and create ways to support one another in the future. By providing couples with effective tools, they are able to build a stronger foundation and become more connected.


Jeannette Alcantara, LMHC

Co-Owner & Therapist

Jeannette's love of helping others has led to over 14+ years of service  in the field of mental health and education. She has a heart for those struggling to belong and believes that in order to live a life of joy and contentment, one must heal from their past wounds, learn to effectively cope with hardships, build healthy relationships, and find their purpose in life. 


Jeannette specializes in working with adults and teens struggling with symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, hopelessness, suicidal ideation, anger, trauma, social issues, relationship conflicts, risky behaviors, religious trauma, academic burdens, or career transitions.  She uses therapeutic modalities such as Christian Clinical Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused-CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Exercises, Social Skills Building, and Emotional Regulation.  Jeannette extensively uses psychoeducation and neuroeducation to educate her clients about mental health so that they can better understand why they are struggling. Her expertise extends to coaching individuals in the areas of life's purpose, parenting, marriage, career exploration, post-secondary education, and business.

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Thomia Thompson, LMHC

Licensed Therapist

Mia has over a decade of counseling experience and brings to counseling a cross section of her experiences in Christian ministry, education and the business sectors. She is passionate about helping others heal through challenging situations in life that we all experience. If you’re looking for help in successfully navigating through the difficulties you’re facing, she can provide the extra support you need and lend a helping hand.


As a counselor, she seeks to be a positive resource for you whom offers compassion and healing as you gain problem-solving skills that are grounded in a combination of Biblically based solutions and therapeutic strategies such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Play Therapy and more to help you overcome your obstacles. Mia specializes in working with children, adolescents, emerging adults, and families who are struggling to manage academic, behavioral, and family issues. Mia's expertise extends to coaching individuals in the areas of life, grief, marriage and family, blended families, academics, and career goals.

"Each person has their own story to tell, and I would love to hear yours."


Dannielle has a collaborative and interactive approach that invites you to step beyond old beliefs, social conditioning, and traumatic events that may have limited your desire to embrace a sense of possibility and adventure about life. Unraveling the things that make you feel depressed, angry, anxious, or frustrated - can rekindle hope, peace, and happiness - and set you on the path to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Dannielle has been fortunate enough to work in the field of counseling for over a decade. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages, specializing in children and adolescents. Her approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; however, she loves to integrate Art Therapy, Mindfulness, and Play Therapy.

Dannielle believes that no problem is too significant to overcome. She loves what she does, and she is thankful for the opportunity to assist individuals in becoming their best selves.


Dannielle Stafford, LMHC

Licensed Therapist


Danielle Glye, MA

Licensed Therapist Intern.

Danielle is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern who has a heart for serving adolescents, adults, couples and families in the community. Danielle tailors her counseling services to each individual need of her client and enjoys helping her clients’ succeed in meeting a wide variety of goals. Danielle’s expertise extends to issues including anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, ADHD, panic disorder, bipolar II, family and relationship conflict, grief/loss, codependency, career counseling, parenting, premarital and marriage counseling and Christian counseling. Danielle operates from a trauma-informed lens and takes an eclectic approach to counseling that includes utilizing techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy. Danielle sees clients aged 8 and older.


Danielle loves walking aside clients on their journey to better mental health, greater relationships and healthy coping skills that lead to long-term positive change and higher quality of life. By merging evidence-based modalities with faith-based principles, she helps clients learn how to be renewed and transformed even amidst their trials.


Danielle is a certified SYMBIS Pre-Marriage Assessment Facilitator and is trained in utilizing Gottman techniques for couples therapy.

Danielle also serves as Group Coordinator at Renewed and leads therapeutic groups including a support group for Teens with Anxiety/Depression, Interpersonal Skills group for adolescents (ages 11-13) and runs workshops for Parents of ADHD students

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Sandra Gilley, LMHC

Licensed Therapist

Sandy is a natural born helper and received the calling to help others as a young child. Sandy has been a therapist/counselor in the mental health and educational settings for over ten years. She has also worked in the area of social work and has provided therapy and case management to children and families who were experiencing a wide range of issues including trauma, homelessness, mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, and family conflict. 


Sandy specializes in working with children, teens, adults and families who are experiencing symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, low self-esteem, anger, emotional regulation, relationship conflicts, social issues and career/work issues Sandy uses a wide variety of treatment modalities including CBT, TF-CBT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Therapy and art/play therapy to help clients.  Let Sandy help you through life's journeys and struggles to become the best version of yourself.


Janissa Robinson, MSW

Licensed Therapist Intern.

Janissa has always had the passion to empower those who felt voiceless. Over the years, she has served mothers, children, and young adults in the community and school-based settings. Whether she is encouraging a child, their parent and/or a young adult through daily life stressors, she has always found joy in seeing those around her accomplish their goals.


Over the last five years, she has supported clients experiencing anxiety, social issues, academic/career concerns, behavioral concerns, depression, and prenatal/postnatal support. She is compassionate, client-focused, and has a unique set of skills to self-motivate and empower them to find their voice. Her approach is geared towards Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Christian Counseling, Solution Focused Therapy, Social Skills Building, Self-Regulation Strategies, Motivational Interviewing and Play Therapy - while remaining trauma informed. She has developed a niche working with mothers, children, preteens, and young adults.

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Breanna Nelson, Ed. S.

Licensed School Psychologist

Breanna specializes in helping children and adolescents in a multitude of capacities. Her passion for helping others has resulted in 6+ years in the field, with experience working in elementary, middle, and high schools. She offers both individual counseling and psychological evaluation services to identify challenges that may be hindering success at home and school. Testing for gifted intelligence, learning disabilities, cognitive deficits, intellectual disabilities, social-emotional/behavioral disabilities, executive functioning deficits, and autism spectrum disorders are offered by Breanna. 

In the therapeutic environment, Breanna utilizes a combination of approaches dependent on the needs of the client. These may include cognitive behavioral strategies, positive psychology foundations, and humanistic realization. Helping children and teens to identify their strengths and gifts is a vital link to promoting confidence, self-esteem, and independence. Breanna has experience helping children and teens experiencing anxiety, depression, life changes, history of trauma, obsessive compulsive disorders, grief, executive functioning stressors, anger, and more.

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Erica Wooten, LCSW

Licensed Therapist

We all need a little help sometimes. In a world where outward perfection is often valued more than inward peace, it is easy to get lost. Erica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker dedicated to helping clients better manage life’s pressures and rediscover their potential, purpose, and worth.


Erica considers herself to be a lifelong learner and educator. She has over ten years of experience counseling clients of all abilities and often incorporates brain-based psychoeducation into her practice. It is her belief that once someone understands how their mind works, they can better manage the thoughts, feelings and choices blocking their progress. She specializes in working with children, teens and adults struggling with symptoms of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression and trauma. She also works with struggling parents and fellow educators to restore balance in their lives.

She takes an integrative approach to therapy based on the unique needs of her clients, utilizing aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Christian-Based Counseling, Social Skills Training, Art Therapy, Mindfulness and more. By equipping individuals with practical tools and knowledge, Erica is able to help clients find their way back to wellness.

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Tiona Wilson, MSW

Licensed Therapist Intern.

"Life becomes abundantly clear once you find your PURPOSE, and you begin living it!"


Tiona's life’s calling is to bring HOPE & EMPOWERMENT to the isolated, broken, and rejected. Encouraging them to discover their purpose, optimize it, and in turn shine their LIGHT into dark places. 


She is a Licensed Social Work Intern. with over 10+ years of experience working with individuals and families providing counseling services. Tiona's experience ranges from supporting adolescents and their families, serving those that struggle with substance abuse, helping emerging adults navigate their career paths, and empowering individuals to manage their mental health through evidenced-based therapeutic techniques, life-coaching, and mentoring. She is trained and proficient in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Christian Clinical Counseling and more. Tiona's experience extends to leading in the community as founder of a non-profit organization focused on youth development.

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Erin Richards, LMHC

Licensed Therapist

Erin’s dedication to helping others grow and tackle life’s challenges has led to a decade of service in the mental health and education fields. She has a passion for working collaboratively with clients to help them find balance, healing, and live a fulfilling life. As a counselor, Erin strives to provide a safe place where clients are not only listened to but heard. Her vision is to empower clients to become the best version of themselves.


Erin has supported children and adolescents experiencing a range of difficulties, including mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as social issues and behavioral concerns. She uses therapeutic modalities and interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, social skills building, mindfulness exercises, emotional regulation, and psychoeducation to help clients reach their goals.

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Amanda Harris, MSW

Licensed Therapist Intern.

"The grief and trauma of this world are one of the primary mission fields of the twenty-first century."


Amanda is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern who passionately desires to be part of the journey of healing and growth to make a difference amidst brokenness and sadness. She specializes in walking alongside adolescents and adults wrestling with anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness, trauma, loss, life transitions, family boundaries/generational patterns, social issues, codependency, and grief.

Her experience is borne out of ten years of engaging with suffering and traumatized individuals through a collection of environments, including the CYF system, special needs clinics, community mental health, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. Her approach utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Exercises, Solution-Focused therapy, Christian Clinical Counseling and Emotion-Regulation."

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