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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 
Viktor E. Frank
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Our experienced therapists provide a variety of training to church and ministry leaders and their members on mental health education. We collaborate with Christian leaders to determine the needs of the church in the area of mental health and develop a plan to provide small-group classes and large group presentations. Some of the training topics include but are not limited to Anxiety/Stress Management, Coping with Depression, Trauma Wounds & Healing with Jesus, Suicide Prevention, etc. If you are a ministry leader and are needing resources and services in the area of mental health for yourself, your team, or members, working with the Renewed team may be the best next step.  Breaking the mental health stigma in our community is something that we work to do and starting with education, we are able to get there and help people heal, develop healthy coping strategies, restore relationships, and connect more with Jesus.


Improving mental health awareness in the workplace allows employers and employees to better understand the gravity of impact mental health illness has in the work environment, and its effects on it. Raising awareness could lead to a workplace with more kind and empathetic individuals and help improve the overall culture of the work environment. Providing a culture where awareness is embraced and fostered, can give employees the confidence to seek help.

Our workshops bring awareness to what mental health is, the impact it has on one’s life and their workplace, and how to effectively cope and deal with it using the Cognitive Behavioral (CB) approach. The CB approach focuses on the correlation our thoughts have on our feelings and behaviors and how it can negatively impact our mental health at times. With CB being the foundation for the approach to our workshops, Renewed will be able to provide psychoeducation on the targeted topics, present evidence-based interventions and exercises to improve mental health, engage your team in an interactive presentation that will bring a better sense of belonging and connectedness, as well as share resources related to the respective topics for employees to utilize after the workshops.  A few key skills we focus on throughout the workshops include but are not limited to: values assessment, mindfulness awareness, cognitive distortions, emotional self-regulation, acceptance, conflict management, and effective communication.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships in a healthy, empathetic way. “Mini” 7 offers clients an opportunity to take a deeper look at their current EQ. During the "Mini" 7's , we will explore the importance of emotions in our life, how they are helping our ability to navigate the world, followed by introductions to practical tools on how to improve emotional intelligence. The five elements of EQ we address are Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills.


With a better understanding of one's EQ, individuals are able to make personal decisions that achieve positive results in your life.

These group workshops can work for your corporate team, church team, ministry team, organization's team, etc. Let's work together to bring better health into our lives with increasing emotional intelligence.

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