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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor E. Frank

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy provides you with the opportunity to dive into your life and experiences, past and present. By collaborating together, we can identify what’s working well, what areas of your life could use more attention, and what changes need to be made to develop a better quality of life.
We will help you explore your thoughts, feelings, habits, and experiences for you to gain a better understanding about yourself.

Couples Therapy
Couples therapy offers a space where partners are able to explore how the relationship began, what transitions they have been through, what current skills are working and which ones can be enhanced, and how each individual can communicate wants and needs in a healthy more effective way. Couples will come to a deeper understanding about who they are individually and in relationship.
We see couples who are dating, engaged, or married.
Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions can teach families how to deepen connections and get through stressful times. It helps improve troubled relationships with your partner, children or other family members. Therapy can address specific issues such as marital problems, financial problems, conflict between parents and children, or impacts of substance abuse, mental illness, or medical illnesses on the entire family.​

By working together, families are able to restore relationships and start understanding one another better and use begin using coping skills to bring each other closer together

SYMBIS Pre-Marital Counseling

We know that over 30% of couples who invest in premarital counseling are less likely to get divorced and over 75% of married couples regret not engaging in pre-marital counseling before marriage. We strongly believe that building a strong foundation as a couple, not only strengthens you as a couple but sets your family up to thrive.


Our Pre-marital package includes confidential and individualized sessions designed based on your personalized online couple's assessment to help you gain understanding of your unique relationship. We utilize SYMBIS (Saving your Marriage Before it Starts) program which also includes the SYMBIS book and it's corresponding workbooks for continued follow up after your counseling sessions.   This package includes the initial evaluation with your therapist, plus 4 additional couples sessions.


Start your marriage off right with our Premier Pre-Marital Program!

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Joining a small group can be one of the most powerful strategies for strengthening ones mental health. Human inherently strive for connection with other humans and being part of a small-group can allow for connection and healing. Listening to others who are struggling with similar issues or experiencing similar emotional health challenges can help to increase ones self-awareness, boost self-confidence, build resiliency, learn to enhance communication and social skills, and develop a sense of belonging and community. 

At Renewed Integrative Counseling, we offer Skill Building Groups that run 4 times per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter) and are designed for Children, Teens, or Adults. Group focus includes but is not limited to: Anxiety & Depression, Grief & Loss, Divorce, Trauma, ADHD, Social Skills, Character Development, Building Confidence, Parenting, Couples, Adulting, and much more.

Our small-group providers additionally use custom mental health curriculum developed by Renewed Integrative Counseling Founders and Professional Team called "Sound Mind."

Mental Health Curriculum.png

We understand that sometimes it may be overwhelming to visit with a therapist face-to face. Online therapy, also referred to as Teletherapy, is a convenient option for individuals with irregular schedules or those who find it challenging to drive to an office. It is an avenue for you to receive counseling and psychotherapy services remotely and at your convenience. 

Payment Methods

We Currently Accept:

  • Cash, Credit Card, HSA

  • UnitedHealthCare

  • Optum
  • AvMed
  • Aetna
  • Cigna & Cigna Baycare
  • Florida Blue/BCBS
  • New Directions
  • Humana
  • VA Community Care Network

Out of Network Provider

Some insurance plans offer reimbursement options for out of network services. Please call your insurance provider prior to our first appointment to ensure your out-of-network service will be reimbursed.

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