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SOUND MIND™ is an integrative Mental & Emotional Health Curriculum designed by the Founders of Renewed Integrative Counseling and their mental health team of professionals. Guided by the Holy Spirit, this curriculum focuses on fostering a sound mind within our children and youth. It imparts lessons into their lives that incorporate foundational principles from both the Bible and evidence-based mental health strategies inspired by 2 Timothy 1:7.

Mission: To prepare the next generation of kingdom builders with resilience, emotional intelligence, and holistic well-being.

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SOUND MIND™ is available in three tailored versions to meet the unique needs of different environments:


At Home Version

Designed for parents, grandparents, and at-home caregivers, this version provides quick 15-20 minute lessons that incorporate family discussions. Each unit contains three lessons covering our six foundational pillars, complete with engaging worksheets for children.


At School Version

Perfect for homeschool parents and school teachers, the At School version includes six lessons per month from August to May, each focusing on one of the foundational pillars. This version integrates seamlessly into academic settings, providing comprehensive mental and emotional health education.


At Church Version

Focused on church settings, this version offers one monthly lesson that highlights a biblical hero while teaching our foundational pillars. This approach helps children connect their faith with mental and emotional wellness.

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